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The S.haddow Piece expresses a dream, an exploration, the journey of an inexpressible emotion. 

S.haddow proposes pieces as objects of desire that inspire, intrigue and attract the contemporary modernist looking for a unique way of personal expression. 

Every S.haddow piece encompasses it's own energy and soul; it attracts looks, attention, it lends itself to interpretation.

With a fun, modern exotic and sensual twist, these unique creations introduce a new form of expression and creative style.

Living moments in your elegance is the bare necessity of being... 


The S.haddow woman is an intellectual and inspiring woman who loves rare, exceptional, intriguing things with an air of mystery and delight. 

She's adventurous, vibrant, and extremely magnetic. 

She turns heads and makes a statement; she's a trendsetter, the center of attraction and attention amidst a group.